The Amazing Professor Doctor Mr Joseph Chikelue Obi MD MPH FRIPH

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Joseph Obi Defiantly Rebukes Cardinal Sean Brady | Dr Obi Declares Bishop Brady To Be A Major Sex Abuse Accomplice

Eminent Black Politician , Doctor Joseph Obi , will not be withdrawing his recent call for the Immediate Arrest (and Lawful Detention) of Cardinal Sean Brady ; the Vatican Primate for Ireland.

As previously stated on numerous occasions , Joseph Chikelue Obi Fundamentally Believes that the only effective way to duly address the whole of this Utterly Outrageous Irish Sex Abuse Scandal is for the Responsible Police Authorities to Swiftly Descend Upon Archbishop Brady ; and Extensively Question Him under Distinct Statutory Warnings of both Perjury and Perversion of the Course of Justice.

Professor Obi also Categorically Rejects all of the Shabby Little Excuses which are Shamelessly Spewing Out from Reverend Brady's (Absolutely Disgusting) Press Office ; and (once again) openly encourages all of the Totally Devastated Victims of Cardinal Brady's Utterly Nauseating Cover-Up to continue to Formidably Fight for their rights , irrespective of any Painful Shame which they may currently be enduring.

Sean Brady must never (ever , ever) be Cheekily Allowed to get away with such Ruthless Criminal Complicity ; as he (himself) is now a Principal Suspect in this matter.

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