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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Obi For Europe | Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi | 2014 MEP Elections

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2014 European Parliament MEP Elections : June Is The Month.

The Next (MEP) Elections to the European Parliament will be held in all Member States of the European Union (EU) sometime during the month of June ; in the year 2014.

Direct European Parliament MEP Elections first began in 1979.

The 2014 European Parliament MEP Elections will mark the 8th Successive Event.

Professor Joseph Obi Suggests Extra Irish Rescue Package.

Professor Joseph Obi duly notes the (Relatively Tiny) EU Relief Package which was recently allocated to the Republic of Ireland.

In his personal opinion , Doctor Obi firmly believes that the Ailing Economy of Ireland actually requires an Extra Cash Injection of thereabouts 500 Billion Euros , to initially begin to solidly sort itself out.

Doctor Joseph Chikelue Obi | Haiti Earthquake Appeal Update

Doctor Joseph Chikelue Obi would like to publicly express his Profound Gratitude to all those who charitably responsed to the 2010 Haiti Earthquake Appeal.

On his very own part , Dr Obi will still privately continue to appropriately support the Devastated Haiti Nation in all ways which he possibly can.

2014 (MEP) European Parliamentary Elections Campaigns Take Off In Full Force . . . As 3 Year 'Countdown Fever' Sets In !

We are exceedingly pleased to note that hundreds of Potential MEP Candidates have already started setting up Shop , as the Year 2014 (MEP) European Parliamentary Elections excitingly seem to draw closer and closer each day . . .

Unsurprisingly , our Formidable 2014 European Parliament Aspirant , Doctor Joseph Obi , will also soon be adding his very own unique brand of Style to the Extremely Important Affair .

May the Best Ones win . . .

Dr Joseph Obi | Statement on the European E Coli Outbreak

Dr Joseph Obi sadly notes the recent Mortality (and Morbidity) in relation to the Ongoing E Coli Outbreak in Europe.

Doctor Obi has been officially advised that an Effective Clinical Action Plan is currently in place ; which is appropriately containing the (Exceedingly Alarming) Situation.