The Amazing Professor Doctor Mr Joseph Chikelue Obi MD MPH FRIPH

Friday, April 2, 2010

Doctor Joseph Obi : " Vatican still has a lot of explaining to do."

Doctor Joseph Obi humbly appeals to Pope Benedict XVI to comprehensivley clarify his role (if any) in the Damage-Limitation Exercise relating to the ongoing Catholic Fraternity Scandal in Ireland.

Dr Obi : " Cardinal Sean Brady Must Go . . ." | Doctor Obi wants the Pope to urgently sack the Catholic Primate of Ireland.

Dr Obi hereby unequivocally calls on Cardinal Sean Brady to immediately resign (or be swiftly sacked) from Office ; in the light of recent revelations relating to the Irish Catholic Fraternity.

Doctor Obi ||| " I Seriously Prefer EU Parliament Foreign Affairs (External Relations) Work " ||| " Not Interested In EU Health Committee Posting. "

Doctor Obi would like to firmly put to rest all of the totally untrue rumours in relation to his European Political Aspirations.

Dr Obi would like to make it Abundantly Clear that his Main Focus of Political Interest at the European Parliament (if elected) will actually be the EU Parliamentary Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs ( External Relations) ; rather than the EU Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Health (Environment , Health and Safety).

Doctor Joseph Chikelue Obi pleads for the Life of Ali Sabat.

Doctor Joseph Chikelue Obi humbly appeals to Saudi Arabia to graciously spare the life of (Alleged Sorcerer) Ali Sabat.

Dr Obi will not be presently making any further statements in direct relation this Case ; as the matter is still subject to Royal Review.

Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi Tackles The 2010 Russian Quagmire.

Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi remains Extremely Shocked at the recent spate of Fatal Bomb Attacks within Moscow and the Northern Soviet Caucuses.

Dr Obi firmly calls for an Urgent Diplomatic Solution to the Ongoing Russian Crisis ; as the Notable Lack of Genuine Political Dialogue will only lead to Further Acrimonious Bloodshed.