The Amazing Professor Doctor Mr Joseph Chikelue Obi MD MPH FRIPH

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Joseph Obi LLD | Dr Obi awarded Honorary Legal Doctorate

It is confirmed that The Rt Hon Joseph Obi will be graciously enjoying a relatively quiet week of Profound Reflection ; in due preparation for the Upcoming Award of an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Law (LLD) by a Statutorily Accredited University ; as a mark of Formal Recognition of his Momentous International Impact in the Field of Alternative Medicine.

Further Details will be released shortly . . .

2014 European Parliamentary Elections | Political Podium

Starting from Early January 2011 , Doctor Obi will be hosting a Brand New Webcast ; titled Political Podium.

Dr Obi will be regularly joined by a wide range of other Firebrand Candidates (and Aspirants) for the 2014 European Parliamentary Elections.

Kindly continue to visit ; for more information.

2014 European Parliament Elections | Dr Obi | Monthly Review

With effect from March 2010 ; Dr Obi will be ethically providing a Monthly Political Update on the 2014 European Parliament Elections.

Please kindly continue to visit ; for further details.

Dr Obi expresses his 'Profound Political Horror' at Racial Segregation Allegations against the Chief UK Prosecutor.

Dr Obi has just been reliably informed , (to his Profound Political Horror) , that Black Government Attorneys are being Racially Segregated from their White Government Colleagues ; within the (Hallowed) Chief Prosecutor's Office of the United Kingdom.

As previously stated elsewhere on this Website (and in many other Media Outlets) ; Doctor Obi is formidably examining the Highly Alarming Problem of Rabid Institutional Racism within the UK Judicial System.

Further Updates will be arriving shortly.

Doctor Obi : " The UK Judiciary is the Bastion of Institutional Racism : Ethnic Minority Citizens must now Decisively Act ."

Doctor Obi publicly notes that there are presently No Black (or Asian) Supreme Court Judges sitting in the United Kingdom . . . and No Black (or Asian) UK Appeal Court Judges either . . .

Additionally , there are currently No Black (or Asian) Judicial Heads of Division proudly sitting on the Bench , anywhere within Great Britain or Northern Ireland .

Dr Obi is therefore comprehensively appraising the Highly Alarming Situation ; with the ultimate aim of Eclectically Optimizing his Current Status as a Formidable Political Catalyst for Change.

Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi firmly advises Europe to stop playing the 'Nosey Little Neigbour' ; in relation to Nigerian Politics.

. . . Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi publicly notes the Raft of (Highly Unhelpful) Diplomatic Statements which have recently been made by the European Central Government ; in relation to the Ongoing Political Quagmire in Nigeria .

Professor Obi warmly advises Europe to Urgently Stop Meddling in Nigeria's Internal Affairs ; as the Eclectic Nigerian Polity is perfectly capable reaching it's Very Own Unique Solution to the Alleged Presidential Crisis . . .