The Amazing Professor Doctor Mr Joseph Chikelue Obi MD MPH FRIPH

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi Launches Corporate Affiliates Network

It is publicly announced that Royal College of Alternative Medicine (RCAM) Strongman Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi is currently recruiting Internet Business Affiliates for global viral marketing of the 2009 Editions of his Self Care Publications.

Interested Business Networking Candidates with an exceedingly formidable track record in online sales and internet networking should kindly click here to contact him directly.

Your current Linkedin Profile must have at least five hundred (500) connections plus five recommendations , before your application will be considered ; as your Validated Linkedin Profile will officially serve as your CV (Resume).

Financial Remuneration (Commission) is permanently fixed at 25% of your net generated revenue.

Wednesday is the designated Weekly Payday.

Thank you.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi Seeks Medical Entrepreneurs . . .

Press Release : For Immediate International Distribution

It is announced that Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi has just launched an Online Income Generation Programme for Alternative Medicine Professionals with Eclectic Entrepreneurial Skills.

Kindly visit for further details.

Professor Obi can also be contacted directly by clicking here.

Thank You.